Friday, December 23, 2011

God's Law & Mans Law

(Pro Se HQ Atlantic City, NJ)-  EDH pro se, is of the opinion that there are two forms or categories of law, those being God's Law and Man's Law.  Somehow I get the impression that the courts feel God is out of His jurisdiction when it comes to matters here on earth.

 In the United States the major jurisdictions are Federal and State.  As we all know from hearing it in school, there must also be a separation of "Church" and "State", so maybe this accounts for God's Law not having authority in a court of law, even though it is sometimes cited and still undisputed before the courts.

God gave man ten laws in the Ten Commandments. In the United States there are too many laws for me to list in this blog.  However, I can share with you that there are various branches of laws in the US.  Some of these branches of law are:






Personal Injury/Tort


There are others, such as Administrative and Tax law, but this is just a short-list.  In this blog I will mainly concentrate on those branches that I have researched and applied in my own court matters.

In his book "Bad Acts and Guilty Minds Conundrums of the Criminal Law" Leo Katz, says on page 1 in the second paragraph that: "Most people think of the criminal law as something like the Ten Commandments, a long list of thou-shalt-nots, only much longer duller, and more obscure.  But the Ten Commandments would not do as a criminal code, and not only because there are just ten of them. As criminal code, the Ten Commandments have serious shortcomings."
So what does man do?  If we look at the short-list of 16 above we can see that the so called shortcomings of the Ten Commandments have not been solved, and in this writers opinion, a greater conundrum has been created because the person of average intelligence has to hire a lawyer to demystify the volumes of laws they submit, and or consent too.  What do you think, are there too many laws?

Thank you, EDH Pro se

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