Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Case Law Godzilla

How can one love a destroyer?  Godzilla comes to town knocking down buildings, and setting things ablaze, but Japan love their hero. Why?

He's their savior, he refuses to take a loss, and he conquers all his opponents.

Now the pro se litigant has a savior as well. This decisional case law breathing giant's name is Google Scholar.
 No longer is the legal community shackled to Lexis Nexus.  Even attorney's and law students are embracing the offerings of Google Scholar.

The main feature of this service mirrors those of Japan's hero Godzilla, they both come to the rescue for Free! Yes Godzilla's services are free, minus the building destruction, and people crushing trade-off.
 Google Scholar, has some misgivings as well.  The legal community will notice the absence of their beloved "Core Terms" and "Head Notes." But those well versed in the art of "wheeling" are able to stride that hurdle, and get what they need out of this giant of case law providers.

For the pro se litigant this writer thinks the greatest plus is, access.  This law library never closes folks, even lawyers are grateful for the 24-7 availability of access to case law and legal opinions.  One can even have Google Scholar alert them by e-mail if a particular case receives further decisions within the same court or progresses on to appeal.

I will talk more on "wheeling" and the use of Google Scholar in later posts, but for now this post serves notice that a savior is here.  Unlike Godzilla, I don't think Google Scholar will swim off in the sunset and sink to the bottom of the sea, no this hero is here to stay.

Check it out at, just click the radio button for either an article, or legal opinions and journals search, and you'll be amazed and pleased with the reach of this offering.

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