Thursday, April 19, 2012

Atlantic City Rolls-Out State Fugitive Safe Surrender

The State of New Jersey's website is currently touting the Fugitive Safe Surrender-New Jersey Southern Region event scheduled for Saturday April 21, Monday April 23 through Wednesday April 25 at Grace Assembly of God Church, 201 Atlantic Avenue, in Atlantic City.
 The website at further states: "Fugitives hiding from the law will soon have the opportunity to surrender safely at a neutral location in Atlantic City, take responsibility for their crimes and receive favorable consideration from the court.  Individuals will be able to turn themselves in at the church from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. each day. Their cases will be adjudicated at temporary courtrooms a few blocks away."

Pro Se HQ thinks this will be a great opportunity, as this writer has often encounter individuals lacking in knowledge of the law, and are dependent upon the aide of Public Defenders.  Yet they are fearful due to their lack of trust of these individuals they often refer to as "Public Pretenders."
 Most, not only avoid the law, but also avoid taking the opportunity to learn about the law.  Given this opportunity I would pray that they take full advantage of it, clear up there legal matters, then hit the books. Not to engage in more law breaking just because their slates are clean, but to become law abiding citizens from knowledge of the law.

I can only imagine the number of individuals that forego basic rights out of fear of contact with the law. Perhaps given the chance to clear their records they will not have to live in fear of the law.  They can learn the law, and respect the fact that it is a tool for the securing of rights as well.
 Not all will be eligible for this program as the website clearly states.  The site sets for some of the basic guidelines when it says:

"Fugitive Safe Surrender-New Jersey Southern Region is open to individuals wanted on warrants by New Jersey law enforcement officials for non-violent crimes or disorderly person offenses, including family matters and child support. The program is also open to those who live out of state but have open warrants in New Jersey. The program cannot process out-of-state court matters. Fugitive Safe Surrender is not an amnesty program, but does offer favorable consideration from the court, often in the form of reduced fines or probation requirements instead of incarceration. Individuals wanted for violent crimes, or with previous convictions for violent crimes, may also surrender; however, those wanted for violent crimes are more likely to be taken into custody. At Fugitive Safe Surrender sites nationwide, only two percent of people that surrendered were taken into custody because the vast majority of those who turn themselves in are wanted for non-violent offenses and have no history of violence.

The initiative is only open to U.S. citizens, legal residents or those who lawfully in the United States. Individuals who are not in the United States lawfully are not eligible to participate."
 If you think you may be eligible, or want to help another that you may think qualifies please go to the site at Contact information is given, and there are video testimonial in reference to the program.  Don't wait till you or some one you care about is caught, and have to go crying to the judge later!

Best Wishes,
Pro se HQ!

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