Pro se litigant shares how he did his own legal research from Municipal on up through Third Circuit Court of Appeals. Yes in a nutshell, and or one sentence that is what Pro Se HQ is all about.

Let me expound on the above a bit more by giving you some insight into the origin of this blog.  My Civil and Constitutional Rights were violated while I was a patron to an Atlantic City New Jersey casino.

To seek redress for the above violation I had to learn the law in order to:
  • Represent myself in the false criminal charges laid against me in the Atlantic City Municipal court.
  • Once having the above false charges dismissed I had to learn if I had a civil action against those that I felt had wronged me.
  • After learning that in all court matters, whether civil or criminal, there has to be a basis in fact and law I had to learn how to research the law to support the set of fact for my case.
  • I had to learn the Rules of Court and the Rules of Procedure in presenting my case to the court, which including, pleading, answer and other motion practices just to name a few.

The above list could easily reach twenty five or more items, and that is one purpose of this blog.  None of the above nor any item not listed can be eliminated, but if you have an understanding of the basic concepts you are ahead of the game.
 After I was successful in the Municipal Court above I didn't rush to get some half-assed complaint filed, no it took me almost two years to organize my case.  Speaking of two years, that is the applicable statute of limitation's in the State of New Jersey.  Notice it's not on the list but anyone contemplating a legal action had better learn what the statute of limitations is for their particular matter.

Seeing the injustice within our justice system compelled me to share what I learned because I thought to myself that there may be others that do not have my same level of education, which isn't much, but that doesn't mean that they are not privy to full and meaningful access to the courts.

Even if you just learn enough from this blog to aide you in finding a lawyer, I feel that my purpose will have been served. Think about it, most lawyers give you a limited amount of time during a free consultation. So, it's best that you make good use of that time, not leave any stone un-turned, plus show that you understand your case.

That's what this blog is about, helping you understand the law, by sharing what I have learned. Another saying within the law community is: "only a fool represents himself."  I say that no one should be fooled into believing that shit, because if you do you have to buy justice, or what ever amount or brand of justice you can afford.

If you know all that you're entitled to you can ensure that you are getting what you pay for, and protect your self from being shorted as well. I like to think full justice is equal justice.

I hope you learn from this blog, and remember I am not a lawyer. You have to do like I did and make your own decisions. Whatever you read here, look it up for yourself then act accordingly.
If there is something I have not covered drop a comment and maybe I can blog about it.  Till said requests are made I will attempt to follow the flow of a case, deviating when necessary to make clear some of the more complex aspects encountered in the law.

I Thank You in advance for all your views, comments and support.
Pro Se HQ!