Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Pro Se Review (Category) Born

Today we will birth our first category for the Pro Se HQ blog site.  This area or category shall be known as the "Pro se Review" and it shall be the place to look for my review of various sites that I find on the web.
Lots of times we enter a keyword to search and come up with something far from what we expected or meant to search for.   Here at Pro Se HQ, my aim is to relay all that I know or find out, relevant to one representing him or herself in some form of legal action.   Hence in this section I can foresee various tags or sub-categories developing.  There may come to be website, book, or reviews of other means of conveying knowledge on How one represents him of herself in court.

Tell you what before we form a relationship and you think I doing this for big buck's lets get it clear that yes this site is monetized and I have joined affiliate advertising,  which you can see within the sidebar's.  I will pledge that any reviews you find on this blog labeled as such, are in fact my opinion of what ever I am discussing, after my own investigations and or use of said item or service.  I firmly believe that there is no greater recommendation one can give that is higher than a recommendation from satisfaction.

So for my first recommendation I must share with you that I consider the following book the "Bible" for representing yourself and it is appropriately titled "Represent Yourself in Court, How to Prepare & Try a Winning Case, by Attorneys Paul Bergman & Sara Berman-Barrett."   I will research and attempt to provide you with outlets to get a copy of this book, you can check the advertisers you see on this site for it and I will confirm if it available through advertisers pasted here by my next posting.  (Wow,  I Checked and what a Deal, quantities limited..)  Please feel free to email or leave a comment as to where you are able to find this valuable tool.

I think the best way to describe the book above would be to say it is the "What and How Jesus would represent Himself, because this book explains legal concepts and uses parables so that we, babes in the law can understand it.

Hey Thanks for coming by, weather by accident or recommendation, please join me next post and tell a friend. EDH Pro se

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