Wednesday, December 21, 2011

At Last Pro Se HQ is Born

Hello World!  EDH Pro Se is a pro se litigant that has learned his way around a law library.  After being under-represented by the so called public defenders, I took up learning the law for myself.
At no time or place in this blog will I present myself as being an attorney,  nor will I offer legal advice to anyone.  I can only offer my opinions and share with you the reader, what I have learned, plus share my experience in locating and researching the law.   Again, if you are seeking legal advice you need to contact an attorney.

Some of you may already have an attorney but want to know, "What the hell is my attorney talking about."  In this case you will need to ask him and if that doesn't clear it up, you'll have to do some legal research on your own.  Most people have a natural fear of the law.  Trust me it's far from what you think and once you learn the basics you will come to enjoy your research and find yourself getting every dollar in service that you've  retained a lawyer to provide.

There are some out there that know where there local law library is but they have trouble finding exactly what they need.  Great news, if your reading this you already have one of the most powerful tools for accessing the law there is.  Hopefully I will be able to keep you interest and accomplish my goal of sharing what I have learned.  You may leave comments, ask questions that I will do my best to answer.  But again I must stress I'm not your lawyer and I will do all to help those willing to help themselves.

As this is an introduction I will be brief, but tell a friend and please by all means help me shape this blog into a venue you will turn to, use and enjoy.

Thank You, EDH Pro Se

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